Original Oil Paintings By Bernard Lehmann

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 Bernie is not merely an accomplished luthier but he is also an award-winning painter. A true modern day renaissance man, Bernie's talents truly transcend the arts. His art as earned countless accolades from a wide range of artists groups and orginizations as well as the admiration of critics. Below is just a small selection of a few of his recent paintings. Although in high demand the world over, Bernie does have a small selection of paintings available for purchase so please feel free to contact him with any questions.

Bernie Lehmann painting
Baird Road Ascending
Enjoy a jog with Color Bard of Baird. NFS

The Copse
Have a picnic in the sun as Fall approaches NFS

Northwest Forest
nspired by a walk through the woods on Whidbey Island, Wa.

Salisbury Plain Bernie Lehmann painting
Salisbury Plain

The Druids of Stonehenge are just over the hill!
18 X 24 $200.

Golden Hills, Bernie Lehmann painting
Golden Hills

North of 'Frisco, where gold lies on the ground
20 X 30 $250.

Agamemnon's dream NFS


Rising through the cattails and sumac and beyond the pines
30 X 30 $225.

barcode, Bernie Lehmann painting

Bar Code Forest
Scan yourself here!    (Sold)

Bernie Lehmann painting

Champagne Fall
The effervescent interface of ground and tree

Bough Wow

Sunlight streaming under the pines takes me to the campground

Evening Falls
Enter the mystical season of golden trees and crisp air.

Bernie Lehmann painting

The Higherway
A roller ride through the abstract.

The Cupola
A playful rendering of a fine Vermont landmark

Bernie Lehmann painting

Just Watching
A character in a characterful setting.

Bernie Lehmann painting

But A Memory  (Barn on Atlantic)
Another barn is lost to "progress", but saved for the color lover

The Field Trip
A fun adventure for the observer too!

<>Fractured Forest
A coloristic cut of pines in winter
26 X 36 $225.


Tuscan Hilltown

If you can't be there, at least you can look

The Smell of Leaves
Another award-winning painting, you can hear the rustle of the leaves!

Alaskan Goldrush Cottage

You can almost imagine the fourty niner coming home from a long day of panning in this critically acclaimed work.

Fuzzy memories of Paris

An impressionistic view of the home of impressionism - France

The Deep Woods

Amazing! Ironically, the inimical colors seem to accentuate the quiet of this award winner

32 X 24 $300.

P205. Konigsee 25 X 30 $350.

P191 Blue Creek 30 X 23 $325.

P206 Florence from the Hills
26 X 38 $350.

P212 Floppy Forest (hanging)
80 x 60 $500.

P211 Bavarian town 24 X 38 $375.

P210 Wachau Valley 18 X 24 $400.