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Panormo Model.
Ken Luk playing
Guiliani "LaRose" click

Instock Lehmann Guitars



Lehmann & Cole Louis Panormo Model #502, 2018. NEW $4500. SOLD

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This is a copy of the premier builder of guitars "in the Spanish style" in London in 1830. I had an original one in the shop a few years ago and made an accurate drawing before it went to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts for the "Dangerous Curves" exhibit. Ours is made of prime Brazilian rosewood veneers for the sides and back, just like many early guitars were constructed - both for strength and beauty. The top is a fine grained spruce finished with bees wax and polished to a luster. The neck is maple and ebonized mahogany like the original. The soundhole is surrounded with pearl and the bridge tails are inlaid. It has a fan braced top for superior overtone development, and has a carbon graphite reinforcement in the neck. The fingerboard is Brazilian rosewood and has EVO gold frets.A handmade wooden coffin style case is included.

Handmade wooden "coffin" CASE  | picture | picture | $475.


Panormo, coffin case, Lehmann, guitar Panormo guitar

Panormo Models available in Brazilian Rosewood and Maple. Wooden case, $475.


A solid wood Brazilian rosewood Lehmann & Cole Panormo Model is currently available. $5200.

Here is a link to a video by Dr. Ken Luk playing this guitar.



The original of this model is in the Musee de la Musique in Paris. It is a fine example of transitional models from the 5 course Baroque guitar to the six single string modern guitar. It features an elongated body and a fingerboard that is flush with the top like earlier guitars, and metal frets, figure 8 peghead, and open sound hole like later guitars. The tone is full and sweet with excellent volume.

#491 is in curly maple with an Engleman spruce top, black painted neck, and fit with Peghed geared tuners. It is finished with amber spirit varnish and has a beeswaxed soundboard. It has fan bracing and a rich tone. $4500. including handmade wooden period style case. Pictured below.

This guitar is currently available on order.

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Wooden cases are available separately for $475.

Renault & Chatelain

Renault & Chatelain Renault & Chatelain Renault & Chatelain


Rene LaCote Model, 1840

MODEL LACOTE, built to order. $4500. with period case. (top in photo)
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Pao Ferro Bolivian Rosewood sides and back; fine bearclaw Sitka spruce top; 100 year old mahogany neck; Fearures a flush fingerboard and narrow brass fretwire inlaid into ebony over the top. Multi band rosette and body purfling; holley bondings and heel cap; slotted headstock with Golden Age antiqued tuners; cone shaped heel; ladder style top bracing; carbon fiber reinforced bolt-on 100 year old mahogany neck; ebony fingerboard and bridge; finished in a matte handrubbed spirit varnish. Wooden period coffin case included.. The tone of this instrument has the sweet richness that you get with rosewood overlaid on the clear voicing of a ladder bracing. It has a surprisingly strong volume and a lovely flowering of overtones.


MODEL LACOTE, built to order. $3800. with period case. (bottom in photo).
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Mahogany sides and back; Torrefied (pre-aged) Sitka spruce soundboard; dark rosewood fingerboard inlaid with narrow nickle-silver frets; multi band rosette and 3-line body purfling; holley bindings and heel cap; figure-8 headstock with "PegHed" brand geared tuners; rounded heel shape; ladder style top bracing; carbon fiber reinforced bolt-on 100 year old mahogany neck; ebony bridge;finished in a matte handrubbed spirit varnish. Wooden period coffin case included. The tone of this guitar is powerful and clear. Mahogany lends a fantastic mid-range boost and the torrefied spruce lends great sustain and color.


Gypsy Guitars

MODEL MANOUCHE #490. NEW. $4485. In Stock
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Lacewood sides and back; lacewood neck; ebony fingerboard; Deco engraved inlays; Bindings and trim in tulipwood; inlaid ebony tailpiece; bound sound port; gold Gotoh tuners; "X" braced top and back; 2-way truss rod; hard case. Loud and Clear!


MODEL ECLIPSE #509. NEW. $4775. In Stock
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This one-of-a-kind Gypsy style guitar features the unique Lehmann top bracing that make this an extremely versatile instrument.  It's voice is clear and surprisingly loud and carries your lead voice over the top while lending your rhythm chops carrying power.  The "petite bouche" model has real focus, and with a players sound port on the side, allows you to hear yourself much better.  It is a super recording guitar for all styles because of the clear mid range tone and long sustain.  The back and sides are Pau Ferro rosewood which resonates the warm tones created by the torrefied spruce top.  Torrefication is a treatment process that pre-ages the wood and markedly increases sustain.  The ebony fingerboard is set with pearl Deco style inlays and the tailpiece is Brazilian rosewood and hammered brass.  The neck is 100 year old mahogany rescued from a Victorian mansion, and is super dense and has an incredibly rich color.  The solid neck adds immeasurably to the sustain of this guitar.  High quality Schertler tuners with ebony buttons add another touch of style to the Eclipse.  Multi band top purfling and ivoroid binding highlight the edge, and a matte finish rounds out the high class look.  Comes with a TKL hardshell case.


Lehmann Contempo 6 string, 2004, # 355. $3950.  SHOP MODEL
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17" body; cutaway, natural golden finish, Kent Armstrong pickup; ebony pickguard;; banner inlays; bound ebony fretboard; pernambuco bindings; Super open tone; rich and expressive. This guitar has been my shop model and shows minimum playing wear. comes with Armitage case.
Lehmann Contempo


Flattop Guitars

#495 LEHMANN MASTER MODEL 2000, 2017, HSC, NEW $14,200.
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The Lehmann Master Model 2000 guitar is the ultimate in fine materials and detail that just won't quit.  Everywhere you look is another pleasant surprise for the eye and ear.  Ribbed and scalloped pre-CITES Brazilian rosewood back; multi piece B.R. sides; fine grained aged 25 year Sitka spruce top; rosewood and ebony veneered neck; Mother of Pearl inlays; chip carved border all around the top; pierced and carved sound hole ring; inlaid bone heart on top at end block; Waverly tuners in slotted headstock; hard shell case. This guitar is a neo-Baroque masterpiece!  It is the size of a Grande Concert model which lends a fantastically balanced tone ideal for fingerstyle playing.  The arched back adds air volume to the sound chamber lending great depth to the tone.

This guitar is currently available through Dream Guitars. LINK


Lehmann Classic Steel

2020. HSC, NEW $4950.
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Fine aged Honduran Mahogany and a torrefied Sitka Spruce top define the sustained colorful tone of this 12 fret CLASSIC STEEL STRING. The proportions of this guitar mimic a classical model that has been refined for hundreds of years. This model features a 1 7/8" nut width and a 25" (635mm) scale for easy fingerstyle playing. Torrefication is a treatment process that pre-ages the wood during kiln drying and markedly increases sustain. The soundhole is trimmed with a wood inlay and the body is bound with curly maple and tulipwood, as is the players sound port. The bridge is a historically influenced design in Brazilian rosewood, and the fingerboard is ebony. The neck is Spanish cedar inlaid with carbon fiber. The tuners have engraved plates and are antiqued nickle with ivoroid buttons.


#459. B. LEHMANN MODEL 1887, HSC. NEW $6600.
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Fine Brazilian Rosewood and Adirondack spruce soundboard; ebony fingerboard with abalone inlays; 30 year old mahogany neck with delicate heel carving; holly and ebony bridge; curly bubinga bindings; handmade one of a kind rosette of holly, bubinga and rosewood; players sound port; 1 3/4" nut width preferred by fingerstyle players; extreemly quick response; full ringing tone; 18:1 gold and ebony Gotoh tuners; HSC.



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Custom built for Bird of Paradise (the capo makers), these instruments are designed for performance. The small cutaway bodies are easy to hold and easy to get around on. The bodies are wedged so it is thick on the treble side and thin on the bass side. This not only makes it easy to hold, but contributes to the perfect tonal balance between bass and treble strings. They are fit with the best electronic system available for acoustic guitars: The K&K UltraPure transducer System. The sides and back are Padauk (Vermillion), the soundboard is Torrefied (a pre-aging process) Sitka Spruce, and the necks are aged mahogany. Each insrument is unique in decoration: one has a modernist chip-carved motif, another has a zebra motif in ebony and holly, and the third is reminiscent of a Gustav Klimt painting.



photo | photo | photo| photo | photo | Sound Sample: https://youtu.be/6OBC8HkAAbg
Aged mahogany back and sides with a torrefied spruce soundboard lends this instrument and incredible sustain
and great volume. It is tuned an octave lower than a mandolin - e a d G and almost has the range of a guitar. It is great for chording and with a 22" scale melody playing is easily within reach. The ebony fingerboard is inlaid with custom cut inlays, and is fretted with EVO Gold fretwire. It has a 2-way truss rod for perfect adjustment. The oval sound hole has an inlaid wood marquetry ring, and the body is bound in curly maple that adds a nice sparkle to the edge. The ebony bridge is fit with four snakewood bridge pins. The lower bout width is 13 1/4", and the side depth is only 3" which fits easily under the arm. Comes with a TKL Luthiers series 8800 case.


Classical Instock Guitars

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This is a Viola Da Mano (or Vihuela, or Renaissance Guitar). It is set up to play like a modern classical guitar but
it sounds rather more like a lute or Baroque guitar. It's strung like a modern guitar with two additional high octave strings on the low E and A to add some sparkle to the tone. It can also be strung up like a Renaissance guitar with 4 double courses of strings, just as you like. The sides and back are a beautiful South American Chocolate Walnut, and the soundboard is Engleman spruce. The neck is curly maple and the fingerboard is ebony inlaid with bone frets. The carved pegbox with an oak leaf scroll houses 8 Wittner geared tuners for super easy tuning. The bridge is ebony with oak leaf carved tails. The soundboard features an inset carved pearwood rosette in a Renaissance pattern and two chip-carved rosettes in the upper bout. The edges of the body are overhung like a violin. It is really fun to play!

Electric / Acoustic Guitars

The All Nighter, built to order $2850.
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| picture | picture

The All Nighter is constructed on the same principle as the original Lance: it is an acoustic guitar with pickups. All solid wood construction lends an acoustic quality to the tone and keeps it super light. This model has a 15 3/4" lower bout width, and a string length of 25". It can be fit as shone above with two Kent Armstrong split coil pickups, or with pickups of your choosing. It is also popular with jazz players with a single neck pickup.

Because of the rigidity of the bent soundboard, the All Nighter does not easily feedback like some hollow electrics. It can be fit with a piezo crystal bridge pickup if a more acoustic sound is desired. The model shown has the upgrade neck with an angled headstock and banner inlays.

The bent side construction and spruce top keep the weight way way low (6 pounds - even with heavy strings) and provide a great acoustic vibe. This guitar has handwound Kent Armstrong split coil pickups for an amazing variety of tones. There are two push/pull pots and one tone control with a 3-way flip switch. The back and sides are Brazllian Lacewood. The string length is 25" and the lower bout is 15 1/2". Comes with quality Ritter gig bag or TKL 7800 series hard case (add $125.).


Vielles & Rebecs


B. Lehmann Rebec #484. $850. SOLD.
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Walnut bowl; spruce soundboard; walnut neck and tailpiece; satinwood veneered headstock; ebony tuning pegs.


B. Lehmann Treble Vielle #516. $1025. SOLD
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Old Honduran Mahogany sides and back; spruce soundboard with inlaid pearwood edge purfling; single chip-carved rosette in starburst pattern; mahogany neck and fingerboard; viola style tuning pegs; headstock and tailpiece veneered with rosewood; arched bridge. Gut stringing in fifths or re-entrant. TKL Vectra case $125.


B. Lehmann Tenor Vielle #508. $2525. SOLD
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| picture | picture | picture | picture
 Birdseye maple sides and back with pearwood center strip; red cedar top with 4 chip carved rosettes; curly maple neck with pau ferro fingerboard and tailpiece; carved castle bridge; handcarved "T" peg friction tuners; string length of 20" (51cm).  Strung with gut strings for Jerome of Moravia tuning  and may be tuned c G g  c' g'.or similar.


B. Lehmann Deluxe Rebec Bow. $500. custom order
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Old pernambuco stick of very fine quality; fluted for 2/3 of the length; rosewood frog with vine carving; bone end cap and hair wedge; sturdy and light. 525mm.

B. Lehmann Brazilwood Vielle Bow. $225. Available now
picture | picture
Brazilwood Medieval Fiddle bow; frog slides to tension hair. 650mm length for vielle; 530mm for rebec.

Medieval bows click for larger image

-----Also available in PERNAMBUCO for $300. Includes bone end button (bottom bow).




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