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About Bernie Lehmann

Bernie Lehmann has been custom building early and modern instruments since 1971, and this is the main focus of the business. Each instrument built is unique in its woods and decoration.  The vintage instruments that leave the shop are guaranteed to be in the best playing condition possible, and attention to detail is his hallmark.  You are welcome to visit the shop and try both the handmade and vintage instruments in stock.  

HERE is a link to a short video about Bernie shot by Kodak.

Bernie Lehmann was trained by master luthier Owen Shaw in Boston, and perfected his trade by hand building over 500 custom made instruments. He received a degree in Experimental Design from Syracuse University in 1971 and has been making custom stringed instruments since then. 

Steel string guitars are the specialty of the shop, but he has made a wide variety of instruments throughout his career.  These include steel string and classical guitars; lutes and vihuelas; rebecs and vielles (mediaeval fiddles), mandolin family instruments including octave mandolins, banjo necks (both historical copies and modern style), dulcimers and several one-off instruments including electric guitars and basses, and guitar telephones (huh?).

Below is a link to a photo album of most of the Instruments I have made since 1972.  Visit the

       Lehmann Museum!             

For More Details, To Order, Or just to come play 

Visit The Shop


34 Elton St.

Rochester, NY 14607


585-902-8663 (902-TONE)

Opening Hours


10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Mon - Fri

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

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