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Lehmann Electric Guitars


Model "All Nighter"

Don't stop playing 'til the break of dawn!

The Model "All Nighter"  is a unique instrument in the Pantheon of electric guitars.   

 It is a thin bent-top acoustic guitar with pickups.  All solid wood construction lends an acoustic quality to the tone and keeps it super light. This model has a 15 3/4" lower bout width, and a string length of 25". It can be fit as shown above with one or two Kent Armstrong pickups, or with pickups of your choosing.  It is very popular with jazz players set up with a single neck pickup.    

Because of the rigidity of the bent soundboard, it does not easily feedback like some hollow electrics.  The All Nighter features a bolt-on neck with an angled headstock and optional sound hole shapes.  Prices starting at $3550.  Send for current prices and options.

Listen to them sing!

Below are two sound samples played by Harvey Possemato ( on the All Nighter set up with Kent Armstrong pickups. 

Harvey on the Lance
00:00 / 02:22
Blues in G
00:00 / 02:21

Model "The Lance"

So light you'll think it's always day

The Model "Lance" is constructed like the All Nighter but with a smaller body.  

This revolutionary design with all solid wood, bent side construction creates a 4 pound electric wonder! Fitted with a split coil soap-bar Kent Armstrong pickup, a surprising variety of tones can be produced. There is plenty of volume to play acoustically, and the unique spruce "cylinder top" makes The Lance extremely comfortable to hold. The back and sides are Lacewood, and the soundboard is spruce. 

This model has a 25." string length, and the body width at the lower bout is 13". It is fit with a bolt on neck with a rosewood fingerboard with mother of pearl inlays. The tuning machines are light weight Grover Sta-tites. As with all Lehmann guitars, they are custom made and many options are available at no extra cost.  The Lance will pierce your heart - in a good way!  Prices start at $3200.  Send for current prices and options.

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