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Master Model 2000

The Greatest Guitar Ever

The Master Model 2000 is a unique concept in fine guitars for the fingerstylist. It incorporates a ribbed, vaulted back that not only looks stunning, but affects the tone in several positive ways. The volume is increased by focusing the sound towards the soundhole. This in turn lends an amazing clarity of tone, which is ideal for recording and amplification. Thirdly, the projection and carrying power of this instrument are remarkably enhanced by the unique design of the back.

The highly arched design of the back makes the guitar very comfortable to hold because the sides are narrowest at the lower bout—right where the player’s arm rests. The guitar feels like a thin body instrument, but sacrifices nothing in interior volume. The unique structure of the back provides surprising strength without any bracing being necessary.   The Master Model is available in two design motifs:  Neo-Baroque, and Vienna Secession Nouveau.

  • Choice of premium woods: ebony, Brazilian or Indian Rosewood, Koa, Bubunga, Cocobolo, others.  call for availability

  • AAA  Bearclaw Spruce top

  • 9 Stave back with laminate spacers

  • 4 piece sides with laminate spacers

  • Chip carved top boarder

  • Pierced or inlaid soundhole rosette

  • Inlaid ivory heart in top

  • Carved bridge tails

  • Ebony or Brazilian rosewood bridge

  • Ebony or Brazilian rosewood fingerboard with unique inlay

  • Multi-piece premium-aged mahogany neck

  • Slotted headstock with purfling inlay

  • Waverly or Schertler tuners

  • Custom-made case

BASE PRICE $15,500.  Send for current prices and options.

Call or e-mail for complete price and option list
(You can also choose from among our in stock models)

A short YouTube Video of Kinloch Nelson on Public TV with the Model 2000.

For more on the design idea, click So, What's With This?

Model KN

The Latest Model

The Model KN is a guitar with a big voice and a balanced tone.  It is proportioned like a classical guitar with a 12 fret neck with a cutaway.  This places the bridge in an optimal position in the center of the soundboard.  This has proven to enhance overtone development and maximize output.  It is a comfortable guitar to hold with its 15" width and 4" max. depth, and the cutaway provides easy access to the higher frets.  The cutaway has a wide edge bevel to ease reaching the top notes.  Evo gold frets are my standard.  They are a bit harder than nickel-silver frets and help with the development of high end partials, and sustain.  The Model KN employs a pinless bridge, a slotted headstock, and a bolt-on neck

Like all Lehmann guitars, your build will be unique.  Choices of woods, neck width and shaping, and inlays are designed to your taste.  

Call or e-mail for complete price and option list

Kinloch Nelson playing his tune "Kittens"
(You can also choose from among our in stock models)

Kinloch Nelson - Kittens - 2000
00:00 / 03:34

Model 1887

Hey, c'mon flattop

Model 1887 is designed for the modern fingerstylist.   It is balanced to have bright trebles and clear, fundamental basses for better amplification and recording. With a 15.35” lower bout and a depth of 4.3”, it is more comfortable to play than a “D” size guitar while being large enough to develop a full, rich sounding bass.

The unique Lehmann “X” bracing is designed to increase the notoriously weak upper partials and give the guitar unparalleled carrying power. These are loud guitars! The standard neck width at the nut is a slightly wider 1 3/4", but neck width and profile is your option. A clear pickguard is standard in order to give a more classical appearance to the instrument.  A 25” string length is the standard on this model making technically challenging pieces easier to handle, while being long enough for superior sustain.

Each instrument I build is an individual. There will not be another like the one you order. Please consider how you would like to make this guitar YOUR OWN! I have lots of ideas for unique decorative features, or I’m glad to work with any ideas you may have.   The base model is listed below.  Starting at $5550.  Send for current prices and options. 



  • Mahogany sides and back

  • Rosewood fingerboard with pearl position dots

  • Inlaid wood soundhold rings

  • Grade AAA Sitka or Engleman Spruce soundboard

  • Black or ivoroid bindings

  • Rosewood bridge

  • Schaller chrome-plated tuning machines

  • Hard shell case

Custom Options

Some Ideas

The design options for your guitar are unlimited. I have selected a few photos to illustrate some unique features that can be built into your custom made guitar. These include headstock shape (slotted head, paddle head, asymmetrical, etc.), soundhole rings (inlaid wood rings, pearl designs, modern, Deco, etc.), edge carving and abalone border inlays, heel carvings (geometric or organic),  heel shapes  (pointed or rounded), and cutaway designs (rounded, sharp, or mini-cut). I am happy to help design your guitar to your taste.

Check out the latest custom model, the Model KN in "Headstock News"

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